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A revolutionary digital money system,
The Future Of Blockchain Banking

Let us introduce Ourselves.......

Aluisyo is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on cryptonote with enabled blockchain banking features and secure messaging.

Aluisyo is a fairly launched coin without any premine, ico or dev fee.

Aluisyo is a complete Solution for your Payments, messaging and banking needs, it provides instant privacy protected transactions and untraceable/self-destructive encrypted messaging transfers with extremely low processing fees in a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

Coin Name: Aluisyo
Genesis Date: 25-02-19
Ticker: ANX
Address Prefix: aNX
POW Algo: Cryptonight Fast
Max Supply: 200 million
Block Time: 120 seconds
Block Reward: smoothly increasing, starting from 5 all the way up-to 50
P2P: 18001
RPC: 19000




Transactions are confirmed by distributed consensus and then immutably recorded on the blockchain.


During a funds transfer, the users information is not broadcasted on the blockchain.


Aluisyo use Ring signatures to make transactions untraceable. The transactions cannot be linked to a particular user or their real identity.

Encrypted IM

A user can send anonymous and self destructive messages on the blockchain.

Blockchain Banking

The blockchain features a banking system which includes deposits and investments.

ASIC Resistant

ASIC Resistant, GPU and CPU Friendly

Truly decentralized

ANX uses decentralized peer-to-peer network technology to operate with no central authority. You control your private keys to your funds.

Open Source

ANX is released under the MIT license, anyone can take a part in the development process.

No Premine

Aluisyo was fairly launched without any premine, ico or dev fee. We believe in community growth and true decentralization.

Paper Wallet

Cli Wallet

Gui Wallet


ASIC Resistant, GPU and CPU friendly Mine some ANX

Pool LinkFee
Official Poolhttps://pool.aluisyo.network1.5%

Road Map

We are cooking up a couple of things for you

March 2019                           

New Website, Official Pool & Fork to Cryptonight Fast

Build Website From scratch, fork to non Asic Algo, Setup official pool.

April 2019

Gui Wallet & Web Wallet

For The Cli Impared and non techie

May 2019                         

White Paper

Our Plans for ANX

June 2019

ANX Funding System

For Community funded projects. The main aim of the Aluisyo Funding System is to enable community members to complete projects and be paid for the projects by other community members.

July 2019

Exchange Listings

Time to hit an exchange. applications will be sent to exchanges for listing

August 2019

Ecommerce Integrations

Lets link up with other financial systems. To make it easier for merchants to accept ANX as mode of payment

September 2019

ANX Mobile Wallet

Lets go Mobile


More Coming Soon

More things to be added as progress

Our Progress

Here you can see our progress on the things listed on the roadmap


New Website/pool/fork


Gui & Web wallet



ANX Funding System

Exchange Listings


Ecommerce Integrations & Mobile Wallet

Join Our Community






Feel free to hit our dm on discord if you would like to join the A team. Everyone is welcome.

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